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Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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  1. Cailum Pasco
    Cailum Pasco
    преди 41 минута

    I know to play pokemon

  2. Vicky George
    Vicky George
    преди 2 часа

    Not computer chess real chess

  3. Vicky George
    Vicky George
    преди 2 часа

    I'm pretty good at chess not gonna lie

  4. Bims
    преди 3 часа

    Is this where the meme came from?

  5. Sydney Cavins
    Sydney Cavins
    преди 4 часа

    Lol when I jump on top of someone in sorry I go “ SoRrY “ By Justin Bieber. I hate all of his music. Except for that lol.

  6. Sydney Cavins
    Sydney Cavins
    преди 4 часа

    77 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!

  7. jaden alban
    jaden alban
    преди 5 часа

    The protective father enzymatically wait because pyjama unfortunately contain below a big geese. barbarous, probable mine

  8. LaughingHollow • 10 years ago
    LaughingHollow • 10 years ago
    преди 6 часа

    No one : Not a single soul : James : *_T H A T ' S N O T H O W Y O U P L A Y_* Edit : I can't get the song out of my head at the intro now

  9. Ava Fulcher
    Ava Fulcher
    преди 11 часа

    where is your dad......

  10. ggwp nsr
    ggwp nsr
    преди 11 часа

    Who is here before this is a tik tok sound?

  11. Austin Carlson
    Austin Carlson
    преди 15 часа

    Every one confuses yu gi oh with magic the gathering

  12. whiteangel20100
    преди 19 часа

    I do

  13. Mousy Cute buddy
    Mousy Cute buddy
    преди 20 часа


  14. kidsarethe1
    преди 21 час

    Love the first 0art. Dad thought I was going crazy with my laugh

  15. Meet Samra
    Meet Samra
    преди 22 часа

    isn't a shiny charizard supposed to be black

  16. Arabella Noeggerath
    Arabella Noeggerath
    преди 22 часа

    What is the little song in the begining of the video (the part with the bird waking up)

  17. Jeff Dai
    Jeff Dai
    преди 23 часа

    Love how the chess positions are draws.

  18. alex abdel
    alex abdel
    преди ден

    I love the magic cards

  19. Terrible veteran
    Terrible veteran
    преди ден

    My cousin told me when he was in 1-3 grade that his arceus got pick pocketed so that was sad

  20. Bella Tran
    Bella Tran
    преди ден

    Where do you find the morning music? But without the siblings-

  21. Zrayla Keeling-Godon
    Zrayla Keeling-Godon
    преди ден

    I know how to play the card game I just can't find anyone to play with

    1. Zrayla Keeling-Godon
      Zrayla Keeling-Godon
      преди ден

      Just adding this magic and Pokemon are basically the exact same game but just with different types of Cards

  22. superyogibearplush
    преди ден

    i know how to play the pokemon card game

  23. Anton Ion
    Anton Ion
    преди ден

    This intro/meme is famous

  24. Scorpiog 946
    Scorpiog 946
    преди ден

    Hi god bless

  25. Millers On the Move
    Millers On the Move
    преди ден

    That’s not how you… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  26. Tiger Stone31
    Tiger Stone31
    преди ден

    I know how to play the pokemon cards. Well I knew, I kinda forgot because my brother stopped playing and he knew it better then me so I stopped

  27. Caleb Koenig
    Caleb Koenig
    преди ден

    james:thes any one know how to play pokemon cards!!! Me:Just been playing pokemon since the show

  28. Denylio Rigters
    Denylio Rigters
    преди ден

    5:57 has Nintendo references, bowser and kirby

  29. Denylio Rigters
    Denylio Rigters
    преди ден

    The intro is my friends FGN

  30. Nadia McGovern
    Nadia McGovern
    преди ден

    ik how to play the Pokemon card game

  31. Jeffrey Zaaijer
    Jeffrey Zaaijer
    преди ден

    I know how to play pokemon cards

  32. Zachary Hartley
    Zachary Hartley
    преди ден

    My Brother Knows how to play Pokémon 😎

  33. Jackson Inglis
    Jackson Inglis
    преди ден

    I know the start is a meme but in my heart I like it and it’s funny

  34. blazefor1
    преди ден

    i know

  35. blazefor1
    преди ден

    i have 2 shiny charizard

  36. Family of 5
    Family of 5
    преди ден

    I do i know how to play With pokemon cards

  37. Marian Kirkpatrick
    Marian Kirkpatrick
    преди ден

    I’m actually playing his game

  38. XxFuryEggxX ✔️
    XxFuryEggxX ✔️
    преди 2 дни

    Is a core part of YT.

  39. lonely Jack
    lonely Jack
    преди 2 дни

    I know how to play Pokemon

  40. Hannah Dowdy
    Hannah Dowdy
    преди 2 дни

    Mom: Ariana give James your 200 dollars, you landed on his property. Ariana: NO! he's in JAILLL I'm not giving money to a criminal! James: that's not how you PLAYYYYYYY!!! My favorite part lol

  41. ah nijim
    ah nijim
    преди 2 дни

    I know how to play the Pokemon card game

  42. Kuhu Kuhu
    Kuhu Kuhu
    преди 2 дни

    Did I just see the chess meme?

  43. HeyIt'sMeCoreyEXE
    преди 2 дни

    " I wish i was never born" James said calmly

  44. Nasreen Imran
    Nasreen Imran
    преди 2 дни

    l know how to play it pokemon

  45. TeaBug
    преди 2 дни

    I grew up in the early 2010’s, and EVERYONE had Pokémon cards in school, I remember sitting next to a kid who had a binder of Pokémon cards and asked if I wanted to see them. I did have a few Pokémon cards myself because I thought they were cool, too bad that now tiktok is popular now and nobody cares about Pokémon cards in 7th grade now

  46. Joshua Bartke
    Joshua Bartke
    преди 2 дни

    Yes I do

  47. blue lion production
    blue lion production
    преди 2 дни

    How does the dog get in there

  48. james YT
    james YT
    преди 2 дни

    I love this dude

  49. Vin tage
    Vin tage
    преди 2 дни

    Monopoly ruining friendships since 1935 DONT BUY IT OR U ARE DED

  50. Yuto Kurata
    Yuto Kurata
    преди 2 дни

    theres a phenomenon of screaming on a table while cursing at your little child while scaring a bird thats yawning in a neighborhood with people? why

  51. o g
    o g
    преди 2 дни


  52. •Yama•
    преди 2 дни

    A yesss being a Chess player.. i know this feeling... *Beat computer Chess game in 9 level* So... (个_个)

  53. Noah Viers
    Noah Viers
    преди 2 дни

    I know how to play

  54. Peachy PiE
    Peachy PiE
    преди 2 дни

    My family game nights are chaos

  55. Debra Stansfield
    Debra Stansfield
    преди 2 дни


  56. Kelsey Solberg
    Kelsey Solberg
    преди 3 дни


  57. Space_Bar
    преди 3 дни

    0:36 : Family Game Night 0:04 : Brightness: Am I a joke to you?

  58. TheBigBoss Zero
    TheBigBoss Zero
    преди 3 дни


  59. Alex Tripp
    Alex Tripp
    преди 3 дни

    does anybody play yu-gi-oh? Because I have all FIVE PIECES OF EXODIA, and the game is really fun.

  60. Hadassah's Vlogs
    Hadassah's Vlogs
    преди 3 дни

    I have the Charizard

  61. Donovan Ringo
    Donovan Ringo
    преди 3 дни

    Oh my family does the begining when were playing mario party

  62. Your average gachatuber
    Your average gachatuber
    преди 3 дни

    Mr.Poe a series of unfortunate event fans reply 😃

  63. BoyCreator Dungeons
    BoyCreator Dungeons
    преди 3 дни


  64. Martinez Martín
    Martinez Martín
    преди 3 дни

    You don't say uno with pokemon cards- •-•

  65. Uvira Bukavu
    Uvira Bukavu
    преди 3 дни

    i hat yoreew

  66. pietro teofile
    pietro teofile
    преди 3 дни

    I loved yu ghi oh

  67. Wild Paw Gaming
    Wild Paw Gaming
    преди 3 дни

    Wow in starting your sister said u are in jail and the whole video u commented sitting on a prison bed Who else noticed it

  68. Tony Lindsey
    Tony Lindsey
    преди 3 дни

    B**** I'm playing magic the gathering right now at 1:18 in the morning

  69. Tony Lindsey
    Tony Lindsey
    преди 3 дни

    I f****** love that card by the way

  70. Tony Lindsey
    Tony Lindsey
    преди 3 дни

    I had my card it was a shiny Charizard card

  71. Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson
    преди 3 дни


  72. Uniflare 6657
    Uniflare 6657
    преди 3 дни

    how u play pokemon: Puck yout deck on the side grab 6 off the top 5 go in your hand one you play then u flip the coin heads means whoever flips goes first tails other person goes first then u use moves with it has a + or x after the ammount then read the desc and flip the coin once your hand is empty grab more and yadayada till the end

  73. Navy the SilkWing
    Navy the SilkWing
    преди 3 дни

    When you mentioned the chess computer, I instantly knew what you were really trying to say, none other than the Kasparov Chess computer thing.

  74. Mr. Bendy
    Mr. Bendy
    преди 3 дни


  75. Jackie kotlc
    Jackie kotlc
    преди 3 дни

    I’m scared

  76. I Love Pancakes
    I Love Pancakes
    преди 3 дни

    And Riana who is actually in the movie says Random ad: *appears* Random add: not the archer!

  77. Optimistic one
    Optimistic one
    преди 3 дни

    Your family doesn’t get the games

  78. Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson
    преди 3 дни

    I......... like board games

  79. SuZi-Rok InsideFire
    SuZi-Rok InsideFire
    преди 3 дни

    This is why I never have family game Nights

  80. Night _Wolf
    Night _Wolf
    преди 3 дни

    there has to be a secret here 7:46

  81. julian alvarez
    julian alvarez
    преди 3 дни

    I know how to play the Pokémon card game it’s easy once your learn

  82. julian alvarez
    julian alvarez
    преди 3 дни

    0:57 DIE

  83. Sam Rubinstein
    Sam Rubinstein
    преди 4 дни

    The periodic cappelletti postmeiotically pause because mistake willy wink beneath a sable kale. fuzzy , necessary ice

  84. Riley Wood
    Riley Wood
    преди 4 дни

    Magic card get so cooomplicated! 😂😫

  85. Reynzo Cruz
    Reynzo Cruz
    преди 4 дни

    I like magic to and i have cards

  86. Aryana Lee
    Aryana Lee
    преди 4 дни

    You should make your own animated movie on battleship

  87. Elly Forty
    Elly Forty
    преди 4 дни

    I beat my first chess game

  88. Troublemakers - Roblox
    Troublemakers - Roblox
    преди 4 дни

    So this is where the tiktok sound came from

  89. Corona Virus
    Corona Virus
    преди 4 дни

    Why then do the Bird 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  90. Solaiman Pakinson
    Solaiman Pakinson
    преди 4 дни

    0:35 LOL

  91. MasterZtea
    преди 4 дни

    супер классное видео!

  92. Funbit -o-
    Funbit -o-
    преди 4 дни

    Bird: This is normal...

  93. Super Mario marvelous Bros
    Super Mario marvelous Bros
    преди 4 дни

    Did this to play today in my school Pokemon cards

  94. Elin _nelson
    Elin _nelson
    преди 4 дни

    Me thinkin about snakes and escalators

  95. Wafflzz
    преди 4 дни